Schoolhouse Expansion Complete!

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the Schoolhouse Expansion in El Arenal, Jalisco!

With the help of generous donors from all over the world who gave what they could, the families of El Arenal were able to build an addition on their (formerly) one-room schoolhouse.

Before the addition, kindergarteners, eighth graders, and a dozen students in between were all crammed in one small room with just one government-sent instructor. Teaching one grade is hard enough– teaching all of them at the same time in the same room with no electricity? That’s impossible.

Expanding the building allowed the age groups to be divided and for the government to send another wonderful instructor. Thanks to generous donors and a determined community in El Arenal, a brilliant group of children are learning well today.

To help stay the course of progress, please consider a tax-deductible donation today!