Solar Project

We’re focused on water right now, but we’re looking ahead.

Providing families with enough electricity to light a space in their home at nighttime makes a gigantic difference in the educational prospects of their children and the economic development of their community. Without electricity, activities necessary for modern economic growth (reading, communicating with people in other regions, e-commerce, etc.) become at best sunlight-dependent and laborious and at worst simply not plausible. 

In conjunction with the Mexico-based solar technology firm Natsol and with your help, we can build photovoltaic (solar) infrastructure in the communities that we serve. By installing panels and directing their output to be accessible to the entire community, we are able to provide electricity to homes, community centers, and schoolhouses far from the service of state-run grids.

Clean water and electricity are paramount to nurturing economic seeds. A donation of any size helps these seeds take root, setting them up to grow for decades to come.