The Water Project

Many jimadores and their families are forced by economic strife to live in small communities far from population centers. All too often, these rural communities do not have access to clean drinking water. By supplying the materials and helping communities tap ground water, we can give rural Mexican families safe, self-sustaining access to their own water supply.

Aside from supplying the pumps and pipes, we provide families with the necessary technology and training for safely purifying and storing the newly accessed water.  In the same light, we focus heavily on training the families in pipeline maintenance. Engaging the communities in the building process guarantees that the people using the systems have intimate knowledge of how they operate, allowing them to maintain their water supply for decades to come.

As an added bonus, working so closely with these families allows us to learn about them on an individual basis, which helps immensely in identifying situations best addressed by our special funds, like Oscarin’s.