Rural Mexico is the backbone of entire global industries. At The Siembra Suro Foundation, we provide these communities with the essentials for healthy economic development.


Siembra Spirits was born out of a passion for agave culture. At The Siembra Suro Foundation, we strive to sustainably fulfill basic human needs in the rural Mexican communities where that culture is sown. Our goal is to foster economic development by providing access to renewable resources, notably clean water and solar electricity, to the people and families that turn the wheels on global supply chains and make our passion possible.


They rise before the sun and harvest thousands of pounds of agave every day, by hand. Entire industries, and an entire culture, rest on their shoulders and expertise. They are struggling mightily to survive.

Who Are They?

There are a million good causes, so why should anyone care about jimadores? Put bluntly: if you’re reading this, their struggle is likely to soon affect you, too…


Small(ish) provisions. Big impacts.

Clean Water

Agave culture relies on agave farmers. Agave farmers need clean drinking water. Our goal: bridge the gap, sustainably.

Here’s How


Electricity is essential to economic development. A few solar panels make a world of difference in jumpstarting local economies and helping to bring education up to speed.

Here’s How

The Oscarin Fund

We first met Oscarin when he was six years old, and his insatiable curiosity and gregarious spirit captured our imaginations. Right now, he needs our help.

 Here’s How