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SAF and BBC research on Bat and their role on Agave Pollination

SAF and BBC took a trip to Mexico to record and research what impact bats may have on the agave pollination. There has been some recent studies that long-nose bats may be the main pollinators of century plants (agave species). See below to view some of the pictures taken during this trip and come back and check our website to view when this video coverage will be broadcast through BBC.

To read more about the research study on bats  click here.

Click here to view more photos.

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Puentes and SAF ofrencen classes de ingles en Tequilas Restaurant

Puentes de Salud presenta “Clases de Ingles” para trabajadores de la industria restaurantera.

  • El programa de clases, esta diseñado para ayudar a las personas que no hablan ingles y también para los que tienen conocimiento avanzado de dicha idioma.

Lo único que necesita traer es su interés en participar, aprender y perfeccionar el idioma. 
Las clases darán inicio el Sabado 23 de Marzo a las 11am y se llevaran a cabo en Tequilas restaurant. 

Para resevar  su lugar en las clases contactar a este correo electrónico:

Exploring the link from Philly to 1 Mexican town

As Mexico’s first lady and the U.S. ambassador to the country were speaking there early last month, David Suro felt and heard the rumbling of the nearby Popocatépetl Volcano.

Suro, owner of Tequilas restaurant in Center City, was on his foundation’s third annual trip to the town of San Mateo Ozolco in the Mexican state of Puebla, from where many Mexican immigrants who live in South Philly hail.

He asked a student who attended about the noise, and she replied: “Don’t worry. We are a town of good people.”

Suro, founder of the Siembra Azul Foundation, had brought Philadelphia’s first lady, Lisa Nutter, to San Mateo on the foundation’s first trip in June 2010. And on each trip to Mexico, the group met with Mexico’s first lady, Margarita Zavala, the wife of President Felipe Calderón.

These high-level contacts have benefited San Mateo, now considered a ghost town because such a high proportion of its working adults have come to Philadelphia to find jobs, leaving behind primarily the young and the old. Observers estimate that a third to half of San Mateo Ozolco’s population, or about a couple of thousand people, now live in Philadelphia.

The Siembra Azul Foundation seeks to improve the lives of Mexican immigrants in Philadelphia in the areas of health and education, and to help improve the lives of people in San Mateo.

Lic. Margarita Zavala, U.S. Ambassador Wayne Promote Public-Private Partnerships to Protect Children

U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne today joined Licenciada Margarita Zavala, wife of President Felipe Calderon and President of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF), at two schools in Ozolco, Puebla, to recognize the work being done through public-private partnerships to improve the lives of children in Mexico.

State and Federal DIF organizations, HSBC Bank, Save the Children Mexico (STCM), the Jones Lane Lasalle Realty Group, and community leaders in Ozolco, including at the Ozolco elementary school and at the Emiliano Zapata high school, have joined forces to improve educational, recreational, art, and sports activities in order to give more children the tools that will help them create better opportunities in their community.

Lic. Zavala stated: “We are here because we believe in your dreams, we believe in your potential and we want to give you reasons to envision staying in school, and give you reasons to envision that when you are older you go around the world priding yourselves about what you are: good men and women, men and women coming from a beautiful state, men and women of Mexico who will greatly honor the name of our country.”


There a new proposal, NOM 186, introduced by the CNIT and the IMPI that will bring negative consequences to the Tequila industry. A petition is currently being circulated on the web to stop this proposal. The Tequila Interchange Project (TIP) has been the organization who has lead the fight against stopping this new regulation. Among some of the regulations that are being proposed are…

Read more here…

SAF between the Academic Team of the University of Guadalajara and a group from Texas, California, Oregon, and Australia to tour the Tequila regions

As an educational trip and to promote topics related to the culture of Tequila, SAF invited a group of Bartenders from different parts of the United states and Australia to take a tour of the Tequila appellation of origin. The tour agenda included touring a couple distilleries, as well as some institutions. Among the institutions was the CRT, who are dedicated in promoting the quality, integrity, and culture of the Tequila. This group also had a chance to visit the CNIT, who represent, promote and defends the common interests of Tequila producers who belong to this chamber.

Among this talented group was Tomas Estes, Justin Burrow, Alba Huerta, Claire Sprouse, Mindy Kucan, David Alan, Bill Norris, Alex McDowell, Joshua Harris, Scott Baird, Kaitlin Anderson, Phil Bayly, and Jessica Sackler. We were also joined by professors from the University of Guadalajara Maria Pilar Gutierrez, Jose Hernandez, Rodolfo Fernandez, and Rogelio Luna Zamora. 

This was such a great opportunity to extend this program to members of the bartenders community who share the same passion as our organization. We thank this group for joining us in this celebration of the Tequila Culture!

The Siembra Azul Foundation, SAF, in conjugation with Puentes return to San Mateo to continue the promotion of Education and Health

The Siembra Azul Foundation, SAF,in conjugation with Puentes had an incredible visit to San Mateo this last May 2011. The sole propose of this trip was to continue our support on the education, health, and arts programs that were initiated during the first visit that was done in June 2010.

On this trip we were happy to be joined by The First Lady of Mexico Mrs. Margarita Zavala de Calderón,  First Lady of the State of Puebla Mrs. Martha Erika Alonso de Moreno Valle, Dr. Matthew O’Brien and Dr. Steven Larson from Puentes, David Suro from SAF, and Enrique de la Madrid Cordero from HSBC.

Read More about this project on Puentes Website:
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Siembra Azul Foundation Introduces its First Tequila Interchange Project

The Siembra Azul Foundation invited a group of highly regarded and talented bartenders to explore the Tequila regions of Mexico. This first trip included the following nationwide industry professionals from San Francisco to Huston to New York: Marcos Dionysis, Steve Fowler, Bobby Heugel, Don Lee, Misty Kalfoken, Junior Merino, Joaquin Simo and Phil Ward.

The goal was to expose  and challenge these bartenders level of tequila knowledge on an academic level so they may later be able to share the knowledge with the community. The trip started with a tour of the different terroirs within the appellation of origin. A group of influential professors from the University of Guadalajara where invited to guided these group through the tequila regions in Mexico and share their academic knowledge.

The second portion of the trip was was with the objective to bridge the connection between USA and Mexico regarding mixology and bar tending. An event was held at La Tequila, where each Bartenders had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their knowledge and experience in mixology and bar tending to the Mexican community. The goal was to show to the young and enthusiastic community in Guadalajara what is happening here in USA with tequila and mixology.

What group members are saying:

“The Siembra Azul Foundation would like to invite a select group of highly regarded and incredibly talented bartenders (you) to explore an incredible tequila region (and perhaps even a history altering find).” – Joaquin Simo

“This program is created to raise awareness about the state of the Tequila industry, educate all about Tequila, and build important lines of communication between not just bartenders and business owners in the states but lines of communication with Tequila producers, the people of Mexico, scholars, researchers, and the minds of such folks as Ana Valenzuela who has spent a good portion of her life studying agaves…. Armed with said knowledge and experiance the plan is to be proactive here in our day to day lives raising awarness of the state of the Tequila industry and spreading the gospel of the true Maguey!” – Phil Ward

If you are interested in more information about TIP projects please email or visit us online at

Foundation Delegation and First Lady of Philadelphia Mrs. Lisa Nutter visit San Mateo Ozolco, Mexico and Meet with First Lady of Mexico Mrs. Margarita Zavala

Siembra Azul Foundation and Philadelphia representative take a trip to San Mateo Ozolco and Mexico City to meet with local communities members. The trip would focus on the three areas believed to be where the Mexican community in Philadelphia is the most vulnerable: health, education and community arts. Together with a PUENTES de Salud team member, Philadelphia Academies Inc. director, and a representative from “El Viaje” project the Philadelphia delegation was complete. In one day, the group traveled from Mexico City to San Mateo Ozolco to meet with local mayor and family members. The group was greeted with incredible interest and affection, given a honorable introduction ceremony and a complete tour of the towns education system; including the elementary, middle and high-schools. In the afternoon, the Philadelphia team was able to meet with Mexican government members for a late lunch, and a small intimate conversation regarding the Mexican community in Philadelphia.The Foundation, as well as the delegation formed for the trip, feels the Mexican community in Philadelphia is a very young and enthusiastic community with a lot of energy and desire to learn and grow. This community is part of a very important workforce in Philadelphia, and form part of the economic development of this vibrant city. We hope to be able to continue our work here for a long time and be able to share the goals and accomplishments of the community members in Philadelphia with community members in Mexico.

Previously, Siembra Azul Foundation has begun to work supporting Michelle Angela Ortiz & Nora Hiriart Litz: with their year-long project “El Viaje” in Philadelphia. They have invited immigrant Mexican families living in Philadelphia to participate in a series of art workshops, creating paintings and a video documentary to represent the realities of their struggles coming to USA. “El Viaje” project serves as an example of how to engage immigrants in a safe space for sharing and building a sense of community through the arts. It allows Mexican immigrants to speak up and communicate their experiences to create awareness both in Philadelphia and their communities in Mexico.

There is a second phase to the “El Viaje” project proposed: a pilot program entitled “El Viaje Sigue”. This project will continue to explore the stories of Mexican immigrants living in Philadelphia through art to share their thoughts with their communities in Mexico specifically in the most common regions immigrants originate from- Veracruz, Puebla, and Oaxaca. Through visual and theater workshops our goal is to create a large traveling mural created by Mexican immigrants in Philadelphia and community members from Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca. The goal includes, the completed mural to be shown in a public event in Philadelphia and Mexico City, Mexico followed by revealing a public visible wall in Philadelphia and Mexico City where the mural will permanently be installed.

This program is part of the high-school arts exchange program with the students from San Mateo Ozolco the Philadelphia delegation met last week during their trip. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved.

Read More about this project on Puentes Website:

NYU Wagner Students and Siembra Azul Foundation meet with Princeton Professor Douglass Massey

Every year, the New York University graduate students compose a Capstone Program while partnered with a variety of resources: from nonprofits, to government agencies, to health institutions, among others. This Capstone brings together teams of NYU Wagner graduate students with client organizations over an academic year. Siembra Azul Foundation and Universidad de Guadalajara were selected for a Capstone with NYU Wagner Students for 2009 on the impact of transnationals in the tequila industry and culture.

During one of the Project meetings, the team conversed with Princeton Univeristy Professor Douglass Massey regarding visible changes in migration trends of Jimadores and other Mexican workers. The group sat for nearly an hour with Douglass Massey examining all possible options regarding where to focus their field work. Click here for more information.

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