Lic. Margarita Zavala, U.S. Ambassador Wayne Promote Public-Private Partnerships to Protect Children

U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne today joined Licenciada Margarita Zavala, wife of President Felipe Calderon and President of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF), at two schools in Ozolco, Puebla, to recognize the work being done through public-private partnerships to improve the lives of children in Mexico.

State and Federal DIF organizations, HSBC Bank, Save the Children Mexico (STCM), the Jones Lane Lasalle Realty Group, and community leaders in Ozolco, including at the Ozolco elementary school and at the Emiliano Zapata high school, have joined forces to improve educational, recreational, art, and sports activities in order to give more children the tools that will help them create better opportunities in their community.

Lic. Zavala stated: “We are here because we believe in your dreams, we believe in your potential and we want to give you reasons to envision staying in school, and give you reasons to envision that when you are older you go around the world priding yourselves about what you are: good men and women, men and women coming from a beautiful state, men and women of Mexico who will greatly honor the name of our country.”

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