SAF between the Academic Team of the University of Guadalajara and a group from Texas, California, Oregon, and Australia to tour the Tequila regions

As an educational trip and to promote topics related to the culture of Tequila, SAF invited a group of Bartenders from different parts of the United states and Australia to take a tour of the Tequila appellation of origin. The tour agenda included touring a couple distilleries, as well as some institutions. Among the institutions was the CRT, who are dedicated in promoting the quality, integrity, and culture of the Tequila. This group also had a chance to visit the CNIT, who represent, promote and defends the common interests of Tequila producers who belong to this chamber.

Among this talented group was Tomas Estes, Justin Burrow, Alba Huerta, Claire Sprouse, Mindy Kucan, David Alan, Bill Norris, Alex McDowell, Joshua Harris, Scott Baird, Kaitlin Anderson, Phil Bayly, and Jessica Sackler. We were also joined by professors from the University of Guadalajara Maria Pilar Gutierrez, Jose Hernandez, Rodolfo Fernandez, and Rogelio Luna Zamora. 

This was such a great opportunity to extend this program to members of the bartenders community who share the same passion as our organization. We thank this group for joining us in this celebration of the Tequila Culture!

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