Siembra Azul Foundation Introduces its First Tequila Interchange Project

The Siembra Azul Foundation invited a group of highly regarded and talented bartenders to explore the Tequila regions of Mexico. This first trip included the following nationwide industry professionals from San Francisco to Huston to New York: Marcos Dionysis, Steve Fowler, Bobby Heugel, Don Lee, Misty Kalfoken, Junior Merino, Joaquin Simo and Phil Ward.

The goal was to expose  and challenge these bartenders level of tequila knowledge on an academic level so they may later be able to share the knowledge with the community. The trip started with a tour of the different terroirs within the appellation of origin. A group of influential professors from the University of Guadalajara where invited to guided these group through the tequila regions in Mexico and share their academic knowledge.

The second portion of the trip was was with the objective to bridge the connection between USA and Mexico regarding mixology and bar tending. An event was held at La Tequila, where each Bartenders had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their knowledge and experience in mixology and bar tending to the Mexican community. The goal was to show to the young and enthusiastic community in Guadalajara what is happening here in USA with tequila and mixology.

What group members are saying:

“The Siembra Azul Foundation would like to invite a select group of highly regarded and incredibly talented bartenders (you) to explore an incredible tequila region (and perhaps even a history altering find).” – Joaquin Simo

“This program is created to raise awareness about the state of the Tequila industry, educate all about Tequila, and build important lines of communication between not just bartenders and business owners in the states but lines of communication with Tequila producers, the people of Mexico, scholars, researchers, and the minds of such folks as Ana Valenzuela who has spent a good portion of her life studying agaves…. Armed with said knowledge and experiance the plan is to be proactive here in our day to day lives raising awarness of the state of the Tequila industry and spreading the gospel of the true Maguey!” – Phil Ward

If you are interested in more information about TIP projects please email or visit us online at

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