NYU Capstone: Effects of the Industrialization of Tequila on Agave Workers in Arandas, Mexico

The Siembra Azul Foundation is happy to announce that today a Capstone team from NYU has arrived in Arandas, Mexico to do some research on the social and economic impact and globalization of the tequila industry. Among the Capstone team members are Kathleen Wetzel Apltauer, Elisabeth Eckersberger, Shira Honig, and Pamela Wren.

This group will be in Arandas for two weeks were they will be investigating two topics. The first is the impact of the changes that agave production has had on role of the traditional agave workers and their lives and the possible push to migrate. The second is how the knowledge of care and handling is passed on from generation to generation to the workers.

The Capstone Team will have a chance to meet with Professors of the University of Guadalajara who are specialized in topics such as migration patterns, Agave, and Tequila. Among the Professors participating in this program are Jose de Jesus Hernandez, Elizabeth Margarita Hernandez, and Rodolfo Fernandez.

It is exciting to see how a diverse group of scholars are getting together in Arandas, Mexico to do research on Tequila and Agave that will hopefully be part of a positive movement in this industry. To read the completed NYU Capstone research paper, click here.

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